Finding Fathom

being green while spinning
being seen in green

I will start by saying I am not a writer ..just a thinker..Here are my thoughts..MY INTRO..who am I..lets see.I’m really an artist creative in all aspects of the word .funny.. boyish..curious..dark and light..loner yet and inhibited. .a fearful risk chic…lover of the underdog…culture.. depth..acknowledging the surface…searching to find higher truths while making my way through this crazy life creating my own soundtrack as i go..

My cyber presence is based on my musical life. I am  female dj and aspiring producer partaking in the art of marketing and properly branding myself. This would be considered my 3rd year on the business side of djing though i have been perfecting the craft of djing  for several(unfocused yet powerful) years of self discovery. I broke my dj teeth at Funky Buddha and landed fabulously in Sinibar, which speaks to upscale loungy  cutting edge night life spots in Chicago. I have held long term residencies and played tons of venues since then Dark Room, Salud, Sonotheque, Lava Lounge (Chicago and Cincinnati) and Cuatro just to name a few. I am currently @ Tantrum in the south Loop of Chicago. The South Loop is  slowly becoming the soul mecca of Chicago, which makes sense because  my style of spinning is synonymous with soulful. I was raised on soulful goodness (you never really know what your mom is feeding you..until you look back), it’s why my ear gravitates to such sounds.

Of course there is much more to me than music and though I’m shy, I will share what I feel here with you as well!

So this is the beginning and I wont wear your eyes out..get ready for the ride.

If  you have yet to know me cyber wise feel free to follow the links and  visit my many accounts…


One comment

  1. Angela · March 6, 2011

    Man I heard you dj for the 1st time at Res venue @ Dark Room it was awesome…you kept me moving all night! I would love to frequent a spot that you’re at regularly…will be on the look out!!!

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