The Supporter vs The Fan



i will start by saying

when i get new information or feel that there is something useful and worth sharing  i share!

supporter vs the fan

a fan is someone who loves your work when everyone knows you, when your popular and the world is screaming your name and though necessary they might be temporary. i have learned just recently, that when the smoke clears and the thing that got you all the attention (bad or good) stops “fans” may clear out but the supporter is always there!

your supporters may not always agree with your art, hell they may out right hate it, but you know regardless to what they are in your corner pushing for you. Lauryn Hill just came to mind. one of my recent tweets/updates said “everything an artist does has a specific reason feeling or meaning behind it… the question is does the audience really care”. your supporters  get deeper thoughts behind the work,  your fan may just want you to keep it hot. Beyonce comes to mind.. it ends up being a state of  “roboticism” or doing and not thinking to please people.

how many followers do you have? how many are retweeting about your projects, helping you stay encouraged, ready to tell people about you based on their belief in you?


i am supporting ledisi, a ray of light. her talent is undeniable and her personality is real and regal.

i am also supporting eric roberson for being a smooth lover of women, staying true to his art, developing and focusing on the bigger picture!

fan or supporter

take part of the process we need you!

spread the word!



  1. fathom dj · September 17, 2009

    sometimes i feel like people would rather see you struggle to eat and make bills because they like you one way, instead of letting you do whatever you have to to spread your art to the masses and succeed..its more than a thought!

  2. najmahaaliyah · September 21, 2009

    if i dig you, i dig you.. i will cop what you put out even before i listen to it – ledisi is an example to me.. i’d prefer her a lil more jazzy like in feeling orange but sometimes blue and this latest release is a little more global in appeal than her previous work, yet i can still enjoy it. because i like her… her lyrics, her vocal styling and arrangements, her substance remains the same and that appeals to me
    so, does that make me a fan, or a supporter? Can I support and not be a fan or how can I be a fan and not support?
    To be a fan, or to be a supporter… to be a fan is to give that person energy, as the vibes they are sending feeds my energy… so I am there… but when the energy goes off on another wavelength, I can’t continue that energy… hence, I stop being a fan, but I may support ya erry once in a while..
    If I am a supporter, I am that rock, because in some small way I feel like I am part of that foundation, the founding fan base that stays with you thick and thin no matter what you do as you build onto your creative “house” so to speak. Yet even still, amass too much of a load, that foundation my crumble…
    just a thought

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