Man Vs Machine (Creativity)

man vs machine

by god and the universe

we are the energy

the beings

the creativity

that makes

things work

they have no value or purpose without us

this is to be consumed by those who think

that electronic gadgets will make them

better singers, mcs, djs, poets, visual artist, musicians and such

the idea starts with us

the vision comes from with in

you have to cultivate creativity based on experiencing life

past present and future

computers do not work without our input and command

so think about that when

itunes makes musical suggestions based on your purchase

when serato matches bpms

when your radio tells you whats hot even

someone thought to make these things do what they do

so what inspires or makes you

should come from you

..just a thought



One comment

  1. Boolumaster · October 16, 2009

    Excellent Blog Page, with great topics. Thanks.

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