Music and A Balanced Diet…

My  family always cooked a soul food serving of music around our home. It was served with everything family events, cleaning, homework, always in the background. The radio at that point was still open to playing more of a balance of genres. This truly was the beginning of a path that would lead me to where I am today.

I have a rooted interest in the underground concepts for music (all genres). And it’s honestly where everyone starts (small cult followings with very little air play).

I always get conflicted because I know radio (especially urban) is very limited to types. There is very little to no influence of “taste makers” in this effort. It recycles the same 8 to 10 songs hourly, if that.

I  have developed a theory which applies the concept to music as diet.

We all should have had exposure to the essentials of diet. Those may or may not be found at Mc Donalds, Wendys, or whatever your local fast food chains might be called. The debate is always whether or not fast food is good for you and what is missing from it that you need to sustain health. Do you shop at Whole food, Jewels or Dominicks? Are they even in your communities?  Are they long drawn out drives or painfully expensive?

With very little to no balancing of genres and acknowledging of unknown, radio is the same way.  It’s everywhere and  serving you what might look or sound “decent” using the cheapest quickest methods to manufacture without being concerned for your long-term well-being. Every song played if played enough can force one to like it. If  a balance is not kept addiction sets in and one relies only on the radio solely to determine what is “hot” and dissolves all desires of other possibilities of finding and referencing other types.

We need food to live but without proper knowledge of options you become limited to  all that there is to choose from.

We are what we consume.

With this in mind a dj’s  job (in my opinion) is to serve a balanced diet of what you hear during your night life  and even cyber experience musically. To promote and expose you to new, current and classic music. All  of this has to happen while entertaining, which can be a trying concept.

Yes I do indulge  in the eating of fast food and music. I do my best to continue to listen to a little bit of everything and try to figure out how to fuse it seamlessly into my sets. Same as my diet. My podcast will soon reflect  how I serve a meal of good to you and good for you tunes.

Be open to the sounds your dj is playing and allow he or she to prepare a meal for your ears to taste.  You never know you might like something you never heard before.



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