what is renaissance?!

based on a lack and a need to spin house music in the city which helped birth it, but has some how forgotten its value, i have created renaissance.

house music is one of my loves..as a child i really couldn’t tell one genre from another. there was music that made me dance and sing and music that simply made me sing. which makes my definition of house so varied, older r&b, funk, disco, 80’s pop and dance music with an electronic drum bottom known specifically as “house”.  as far as i understand at that point the radio played it all, which is why club djs pushed and played it as well.

times have changed, i  play very little house in my live sets because house music isn’t nearly as popular in the mainstream circuits of  chicago.  it’s becoming a new form of steppers music, which draws an “older”, seemingly smaller following at not so swanky venues.

i’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.

to make a long story slightly shorter..

renaissance is a platform for me and those not so bound by what is popular; free spirits daring to love  soulful house for simply what it is…good music.

our first installment (jan) went well. tasty treats, comp framboise beer (my new fave) and all the soulful danceable tunage one needed simply by rsvping.

we are creating a society / event to gather like minds. young, older,  exposed and under exposed have an opportunity to be a part of continuing to fuel a style of music that is underground in a “very new york environment” as one of our patrons called it.

stay tuned for the next opportunity to be a part of the society..



  1. Emir Ray · February 27, 2010

    Much respect and love 🙂

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