create your own music revolution aka project help the underground

As before there seems to be no way to fight the big machines that stomp their media madness in our brains,  with out cultivating options for otherness. There obviously is nothing new about loft events and small gatherings that are off the beaten path for those of us looking for music that may never get exposed to the masses. David mancuso obviously comes to mind in this effort

It is necessary for those of us who have the proper channels for exposing others to different options  to do so. Everything involving lifestyles and culture from art to special services apply to this concept, but i  am specifically speaking to music. I think listening events or music clubs just like book clubs can be one very easy way to raise levels of awareness about new and or different music. Small  events/parties featuring tunes, dj’s and artist/musicians that need folks to know them, give light to possibilities that don’t live in the friday, saturday or even thursday night hot spots in most major cities  and their venues.

If nothing else the recession is bringing forth the spirit of creativity and the concept of doing what ever is necessary to create opportunities.

Which  seems to be what is happening with kinky notti and their juke joint sessions, ron trent and xander and their loft effort called 99, the dojo on stoney island with disco events by the chuck brothers and sole in the hole as well as my own effort with the soulful allies renaissance, just to name a few.

If  you have a vision wether you are a singer/mc, promoter, dj or simply a music enthusiast create  your music revolution where ever you are. The most successful  heavy hitters have proven that starting off small, off the beaten path ,tapping your resources and using what you got, pays off.

You never know what could happen!

I am going to find out though!

Renaissance Installment II

stay tuned for the announcement of

Renaissance Installment III


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