where to begin ..again..oh,, i am NOT a writer I am though.. a thinker!


so i just got finished watching a movie with one of my all time favorite actresses meryl streep called julie & julia. on so many levels this movie was awesome.  it dealt with doing a job that one doesnt like, changing ages and simply trying SOMETHING based on love and succeeding at it! i’ve been looking for sparks of creativity by doing tons of research these last few weeks. i think found some inspiration to help me want to blog more frequently.(lmao wish me luck)

i think part of why i havent is because i dont see everything i do as so exciting (though some might) and when  what i do BECOMES work, i get engrossed in the work of it. i also feel as if tweeting and updating my status on facebook is blog enough and potentially COULD take the fire from topics blog worthy. these maybe just be excuses.

anyway so here i am in thought as usual. if you dont know me or what i do get to work. i’m not turning back for a reintroduction.  it will distract me which isnt hard to do in this cyberdom.

right now i have some down time since fall has fallen. i am in reflection and preparation. reinvention and new missions aka adventures are on the menu, which i will TRY to get better at documenting in some form or fashion.


lets see where this goes .again!..hmmmmmm


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