verbs and soulfulness..i was reminded, what i create is important..inspiration!

last  night was verbs and soulfulness’ finale (open mic) @ we are looking for a location that better suits the concept, its patrons and our team. i was just reminded by tovi as to why i keep pushing to create these types of events ie renaissance and verb & soulfulness, energy! to inspire and acknowledge creativity and freedom to BE ! tovi a very talented singer and spoken word artist posted on facebook update that she was inspired after last nights session, which means we won. there are definitely challenges in creating these types of events especially in environments where the focus may not to be on artists, creativity, support or even patrons needs. understanding that everyone must pay bills, our artist community doesnt always make the same income as the more commercial events.

i am obviously not a club or venue owner (hmm yet..). But understanding the type of clients that you are servicing and NOT comparing them to your more commercial or successful nights is key. it takes a lot of work to create promotional concepts as well as drink menus for folks of varied incomes. this is a market of its own that remains only slightly tapped . i hear myself as i’m typing, “no one wants to take chances and NOT make money”!  patience is key. it is easy enough to blame the recession for why we don’t have a balance of every type represented, but its really a lack of creativity and patience to allow growth.

please do not get me wrong money is important and art can and does create the same type of revenue as more popular concepts. it  definitely takes a certain mentality and type though.

learning is never a bad thing. be inspired, creative and continue!

i am! stay tuned!

just my thought for the day! hmmmmmm

pleas follow to stay in tune with verbs and soulfulness



  1. Val · October 8, 2010

    Wow! All i can say is keep pushing forward towards your goal….although I, myself do not frequent these events as much as I would like, I do support you and your team whole heartedly. I am a big fan and supporter of the ARTS especially amongst my beautiful people. You all have a VOICE and if you continue to exercise that VOICE…dammit someone is bound to HEAR!!! Much Love Sistas

  2. Anya · October 11, 2010

    hey fathom,

    you know, i thought verbs & soulfulness was a great idea. i was telling kris that i’m really sorry to see it go. and i thought the location was great too, even though i guess it didn’t work out. it was just cool to have something like it on the south side, cuz you know we don’t really have a lot down here.

    but, you know, keep doing what you’re doing. spreading art and facilitating creativity is never a bad thing. i’m sure you’ll find the right spot eventually. and i will def support when i can 🙂

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