les nubians show / do you suffer from statue syndrome?! (no movement in club/venue)

last night was awesome!

geno young http://www.genoyoung.com and les nubians put on a fantastic and inspiring show (to me lmao). the event was nicely filled with the diversity i dream every event i spin and attend should include.

photo by larissa johnson


the issue was the stuffiness of the venue, ventilation wise as well as the energy. i’d like to make more excuses but, this obviously is not the first time that i’ve seen chicago audiences lack energy and almost have to be begged by the performers to participate. duane powell http://soundrotation.blogspot.com (of dr wax fame) called those in attendance statues. a term i had totally forgotten about, probably because its soo normal at this point for people NOT to move. he opened the night with a lovely mix of soulful electronic sounds to little or no crowd response.  geno young as well as les nubians put a lot of work in to getting folks to  “flow” with them as well.

i know how important it is for the artist to connect with the audience of course, djing requires the same energy!(be reminded)

i love watching people, it’s a part of the job and and equally entertaining while djing. ladies and gents donned in fly shoes, blazers and hand bags LOOK awesome! i often imagine, (if they are animated in disposition) what conversations are being had! (boy the things i make up lmao) But standing completely still and not acknowledging those who came to ENTERTAIN does not necessarily generate GOOD TIMES. being on your fon on facebook doesn’t either, i am guilty, but thats another post (lol). head nodding, clapping, grooving, singing, and all out dancing helps folks know they are on track and increases the desire to ENTERTAIN you!

every event, every venue isnt necessarily for breakdancing or high kicks i understand this, BUT  some form of cohesive crowd participation is helpful in creating a memorable occasion. i might be pushing it but i  THINK thats why you purchased tickets, find cute clothing and leave the house. understanding  that everyone isn’t so friendly and free willed, hell i realize some folks out right CANT dance (subjective). what is important is the flow created by both those entertaining and those to be entertained.

bring your friends, have some drinks and be a part of creating experiences that will help maintain a scene that is suffering from lack of support. it will also make for good commenting when you post those fotos of your outings on fb.

participating is a part of this process.

join in!

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  1. AntwanAntoineAntwone · October 9, 2010

    . . .
    Partying seems to be a reflection of our self-esteem. Dancing is a form of body language that we communicate with the masses. The dance floor is the release of our kinetic energy.

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