Please take this for inspiration though it may come off harsh.

I am not the perfect dj, and yes art is subjective! Just this afternoon, I decided instead of roaming through the radio stations (educating myself on random tunes), while driving to Evanston (which is beautiful this time of year) I would listen to mixes that other “dj’s” had given me recently. Though I will not name names (I could LOL), I was utterly disappointed to find  that these individuals either are not mixing at ALL or doing it poorly.

Having come from being awed on the dance floor (i love to dance!) and wanting to convey the feelings that one LIL LOUIS happened to evoke in me (as a kid), I became obsessed with listening to and figuring out how dj’s transitioned from one song to another.  I was slow about calling myself a dj because I knew that Chicago was (and still is) a breeding ground for dj’s AND of course harsh critics. When one comes from vinyl; straight arm pitched dial tables, to standard technic 1200’s, to cdjs, up to mixing software (serato), you learn the ropes.  The entire trip is MOSTLY based on tuning ones ear,  translating through the equipment to the crowd.

Of course there has been many debates about technologies influence and the trend of djing, with everyone from random celebrities, to little kids playing dj hero, assuming that they can rock a party. My issue is TITLE. In my opinion if you aren’t even attempting to MIX 2 mp3s, vinyl or cds TOGETHER seamlessly (or close),  you are not “MIXING” and I’d almost go as far as to say NOT DJING. Scratching, transitioning, even dropping tracks, ON BEAT is a part of the art. I even respect cats hollering (though I hate the air horn) over tracks when transitioning from song to song.

Titling yourself as a “dj” and  getting gigs to play out and simply playing one song after the other without honing and using the skill as stated above  is NOT DJING (in my opinion). Call it selecting, call it hosting or toasting. When i think mix cd’s i think MIXING. A cd with spaces (dead air) between each song is not a mix it’s a compilation. I don’t care if you have the hottest music taste, find the rarest grooves, or unearth every bob marley and michael jackson tune never heard.

People need to know that mixing and djing is an art and learn the true fundamentals. You only add to why ipods can easily be used to replace dj’s doing otherwise.

Listen to your tunes and find out what sounds similar and work on mixing and transitioning. No one is perfect at it and yes some rely heavily on  editing or djing software instead training their ears.

I am applying this way of thinking to my next endeavor (production) as well stay tuned!

Even the best of the best can learn new and different things, I love this cat and his videos! Peep and be inspired!

If you want it to be real work at it. There are far too many ways to learn.


  1. DJ 1derful · October 21, 2010

    Much respect DJ. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It does come down to what you said DJing is a craft, a love. And just like a marriage needs constant work.

  2. K.Be · October 21, 2010

    True. It’s funny that you show this video. The matching setup that Ellaskins is using if also the culprit. Stanton has one with a feature that cuts off one side when you crossfade to the other.

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