chicago’s art and soul poetry and good music 10/26 & 27

as you all know chicago is lacking good places to find good if not great entertainment. i understand that most of us  are way grown, with a plethora of responsibilities inhibiting from hanging out frequently. the issue is though that we all complain about NOT having places to go when we want or have a opportunity to. your support in this effort is not narrowed to simply showing up. if you are or are not able to attend, posting the event on your wall or passing the info along to  your people via word of  mouth or  inviting people on the event pages can be a key component to helping our scene.


i am lending my support to 2 poetry readings this week to try to help put fire underneath a barely simmering scene.


below you will find links to



FreeVerse ForeRun open mic with discopoet khari b @ the shrine 2109 s wabash $5


as well as



the Revolving Door Reading Series open mic @ red kiva 1108 w randolph no cover


great atmospheres..talented people and safe environments with little to no cost for entry.


please spread the word and consider attending!


thanks for your continued support!

cozmic kisses



special thanks to lashon p for the inspiration!



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