we make the party TOGETHER! tantrum rnb/soul mix (live)

the ultimate goal is to get you folks to come out and have an awesome nightlife experience. SOME of you do and i appreciate that. what is important to know is that YOU are a part of what inspires us (djs) to play enjoyable music. part of the job of djing requires people watching. your verbal and physical response/reaction helps me determine where to take the set. this doesnt not mean that you get to run up and treat us like ipods, with a thousand requests. your natural reaction is what i’m after. if you have a case of “statue syndrome” (standing completely still) all night, partially blame yourself for not sending the dj clues that you are enjoying the vibe and flow. we normally have a lightly drawn blue print of how we want to design the flow of the night. the bullding and completion of the ART of the experience is based on US (you the crowd and i the dj).


we make the party TOGETHER!


having said that ..


heres a little slice of last nights early styling/vibe building for tantrums risque’ saturdays 1023 s state chicago ..no cover



play loud ..share with friends


we get funky and free(er) @ juicy wine bar 694 n milwaukee ave chicago for music & wine after nine every thursday no cover..join us! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=174449679248659


contact janice bond via booking@savantsavant.com

for more info about dj performances as well as music styling opportunities.


thanks again

cozmic kisses

fathom dj



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