the passing of legends, our response.. and teena marie.

i am always concerned about the best way to honor the body of work of those musicians, artists and people i am fond of AFTER their passing. i do find it interesting how we rush to hold our heros up AFTER they ascend, while some don’t acknowledge them much while they are with us. there is always a slew of (in my opinion) very tacky attempts to capitalize and gain exposure by creating events, mix tapes and such in “HONOR” of our  legends. even the word legend seems not to be associated until after ascension. i guess at this point our behavior about not knowing what we’ve got until its gone is “NORMAL”, but becoming unacceptable.

teena marie IS a part of the foundation and fabric of what i know as soul music. i would stare at her it must be magic album cover thinking she is pretty, thinking the album cover is fly and KNOWING her voice and music made me feel soooo good. as a child, i ASSUMED she was latin.

later coming to the realization that she was white only garnered more respect for her because i was convinced that she COMPLETELY understood, respected, lived and loved OUR music! i have yet to listen to any of her tunes after confirming the news. i understand the concept of life and the ultimate. i’m sensitive and its slightly difficult for me to do at the moment.

ironically i am working on a project/event that is to spotlight iconic women past, present, and future; who are powerful in this music game SHE WILL BE REPRESENTED.

as i posted on fb..

i am sooo grateful for being exposed to what REAL MUSIC IS. TEENA MARIE.. i’m heavy about. her body of work exemplifies pow(her), soul, and the truth of artistry. SHE WILL SHINE INFINITELY BRIGHT, AS SHE ALWAYS HAS TO ME!



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