we are all stealing..”free” down loading! shots fired..djs, artist, producers, copyright holders & listeners!

we are all stealing!!

so one of my mixes was deleted from soundcloud, because the owner of rights to a songs i mixed filed a complaint.

whoa.  our economy is dragging. the record labels are coming after the little guys because no one is BUYING music. downloading  free music, images etc. effects us all. this is not a new discovery on my part but getting pinched in this way has me doing a little more hmmming.(lol)

i have always been interested in promoting music, the artists who make the tunes i love, and now of course myself as a dj/music stylist, artist and future producer. this is why it strikes me hard.

simple mixes that i upload to show my ability to mix music as well as my musical taste, are causing me to rethink my strategies.

these same mixes have also allowed people to not have to hire me or other djs because “party throwers” big and small, as well as boutiques and salons (music styling work) can simply download OUR mixes and not BOOK US to spin live or create custom soundtracks. (this is one of the reasons my mixes have gotten shorter and less frequent). does that make us (djs) any different from the artist who eat and live off of the music they create, that we mix and allow people to download..for free?

EVERYONE downloads  or trades music files, wether given the “rights” to or not. mixes get made from these downloads. samples of this music gets chopped up to make edits/mashups/remixes or full out new “original” tunes. nine times out of ten no income, acknowledgement or consent is given or received  to or from the original creator OR copyright holder. all of this is considered “promotional”.

the thing is we all stand to lose based on not being paid for the work we do, though necessary for exposure. we need to come up with creative solutions to help each other in this process.

we, listeners industry or non, are running to the internet / podcasts downloading mixed and unmixed music.

some of us are not purchasing music from the artist AFTER being exposed to them via these sources.

we dont even donate to the podcasts which we listen to, to acquire the knowledge of these artists.

i’m starting to think we feel like paying for internet service give us the “right” to acquire these files for nothing..NOT.


i do purchase SOME of the music i make mixes with as well as acquiring things from online promo companies, such as giant step, whitelable, and this is real music etc. no, of course i don’t own the licensing rights to USE this music in my mixes.

part of my giving back is based on exposure.

i love when people get exposed to someone new based on something they heard me play, or update my status on facebook or twitter about. having the support stop there, is NOT what i have in mind. i’d like for you to attend their shows, BUY their products (music and other) and turn other listeners on to them. its called referring or word of mouthing it.(lol)

heres the link to a documentary the lady d suggested. i see it as an aid to inspire (not hinder) those involved in the process of making art and music past, to  present, to future. we gotta know our rights or find out later, the hard way!  http://www.hulu.com/watch/88782/rip-a-remix-manifesto

i’m sitting here knowing that i stole the foto for this blog post. will it be deleted too? lmao

thanks to ken paul  http://www.kengineering.com and the fierce big sister dj lady d http://www.djladydmusic.com for aiding me in my plight of more knowledge on all things music. i am even more excited about what is ahead.

be inspired…i am!



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