salute to a king!

salute to a king!

no peace without war.

so one might ask why i chose this foto, for a salute to a king. it symbolizes the effort that was made in order to gain the peace that martin sought. heavy is the head that wears the crown. (i was going to go more harsh lol) we have more than enough information to refer to in terms of how much he sacrificed to make his work (for us) valid. we have gained so much based on this work.

some of  “us” and or our children have very little understanding of the sacrifices that these people made. if you were born less than 15 years ago, you may not have any references to the civil rights movement .. at all.(scary) now just think some of us are advocating to have these pieces of history “deleted” so that the future has no trace of them. if you don’t remember any of it,  you don’t have any sensitivity around why race and these matters are of such importance. this is only furthering programming for a higher state of roboticism.(so many ways to go with that)

we live in a far different place than he did, now. martin would have made 82 today.  i wonder what he thinks of this work he did and our maintenance  or lack there of, of it. i think he would be sweet and thoughtful with his words, but MORE THAN CONCERNED.(lol)

all this to say our work (his work), cannot be forgotten or ended. it is never to be complete.

i think it’s the only way to properly salute and honor a king … continue his work.

happy birthday martin!



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