my first record store day video & thoughts dusty groove & gramophone recordschi

i hadn’t been seriously record shopping in well over 4 years. mp3s are completely dominating the music media game. feeling a bit “weird” being in the record store  i guess i picked the wrong day to reclaim my record store status. it was over crowded based on the day donned to  draw interest to independent record shops, that are fading in popularity based on our cyber living.

we would spend hours on in combing through vinyl, nerding out with other music “lifers”. i made a promise to myself after rolling through 2 of my fav record stores that i would start making regular visits to balance out my cyber promoting, shopping, researching, and socializing.

call it a return to the earth ..lmao.


fotos from the historic dj haven called gramophone records!

nerding out on the trendy and fashionable rise of  headphones in urban outfitters. of course i sampled every pair on the wall ..if you want to know my thoughts hit me on  @fathomdj!


record store day thoughts..

one cannot live on cyber alone.

record stores are culture havens #necessary.

dusty grooves could be more “dj friendly”!

michael serafini (gramophone owner) RULES INFINITELY!

make a vow hang out in record stores more often!

i miss dr wax in hyde park!

music brings people together, don’t let the internet keep us apart.


michael serafini(owner of gramophone) on the internet “people are connected on a wider scale..but not closer” #agreed!


dusty grooves

1120 n ashland chgo


gramophone records


2843 n clark chgo


record store day 2011..fathom dj!



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