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our features this month

Akua Auset
Holistic Beauty Advisor, Author, Social Entrepreneur

: . A New Culture of Beauty : .
Master of transformation Akua Auset (Ah-koo-wa Ah-set) is a soft and mighty evolution of neo-beauty in a pop culture coming out of the enchantment of celebrity and superficial beauty. In a time where plastic surgery as a beauty tool is on the rise, Akua transforms the methods we use to beautify ourselves. Akua has simplified the path to holistic beauty and shares ancient healing arts in the tradition of the ancient “Afrakans” and its daughter cultures.
: .
A noted celebrity makeup artist, Akua Auset, has groomed and transformed faces for hundreds of TV, film, music videos and magazine projects. Part artist, part healer Akua has been fairy-god-sister to luminaries for thirteen plus years. Akua, often a celebrity special request has worked on projects with 100+ celebrities & personalities, specializing in a term she has coined “the healing beauty arts.”
: .
Now in the sixth coming season, Akua is the creator of 9 1/2 Weeks:The METAMOORPHOSE Project™. During weekly sessions, the masters of health, beauty & wellness guide a group of men, women and teens on a nine-and-a-half week journey to get the next level look & personal transformation they’ve always wanted.
: .
She has appeared in Real Simple Magazine, InStyle Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and on Metromix.
: .
Of Balanta, Fulani (of Guinea-Bissau) & Cherokee/Shawnee descent, Akua comes from a legacy of healers and alchemists. Currently studying Traditional Naturopathy, Akua is an avid researcher of the cultural sciences, spirituality, history, traditions, and cuisine of her ancient ancestors as well as the diaspora of indigenous peoples.
: .
“Sankofa: We may now return to an ancient standard of beauty. Beauty is the currency that comes from being well. ”


Fanta Celah

The creator of the Supreme Self Love is a Jamaican visionary artist, by the name of Fanta Celah. Her name literally means, “Meditate at dawn by the clear waters,” and her gracious and loving spirit nurtures the world. The dawning of the Supreme Love Collection occurred 11 years ago. It now is available in 4 major cities in the US; New York, Houston, Denver, & Chicago. Fanta is constantly being featured in world class fashions shows, such as Vert Couture, Sexy and Sustainable 2010 Fashion show at Mercedes Benz in Chicago. She also is a jewelry stylist for the stars, such as Les Nubians, Ugochi, Ray 6, and Kelan Phil Cohran. Fanta Celah was featured in the who’s who in Chicago 2009 edition, and her jewelry has been featured in Chicago magazine Oct 2009.


Scarlet Monk

Slow, deliberate, robust and raw. Sober yet intoxicating, honest and
electric. Laden with genre-defying elements that lend from spirits
spanning from the womb of opera, through the heart of jazz, between
the boundaries of chant and tinged with acoustic trip hop. Scarlet
Monk is a brilliant new beauty mark on the face of a tired music
Pure art is the forum whenever she ascends the stage. Her words come
from her heart and find a home in yours. Ushered by a sensory message
that doesn’t stop at her words, her performances immerse you in an
alternate reality full of poetry and lacking in law. It’s not just a
stage show, it’s theater: this siren calls you from the nucleus of a
mind boggling display featuring experimental dancers, a four-piece
band, and a slew of groundbreaking guest collaborators. Striving to
introduce you to something you’ve never seen before, they provoke your
curiosity and challenge your understanding. You’ll certainly be drawn
in, and if you don’t exercise caution, you might get hurt. Flailing
limbs and piercing sounds, boundless emotions and heartfelt words. It
has to be seen to be fully understood and appreciated.
Journey through a range of emotions. Prepare your senses to be
indulged. Go to a Scarlet Monk show and be amazed, download the music and get involved.

join us tonight @ 694 wine and spirits 694 n milwaukee chicago


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