#musicmonday what i love is seeing a dj LIVE a song when playing it! the dj shahid mustaf & the song..listen & dload it for free!

whats cool is knowing that a dj loves the song he/she is playing because you SEE them dance and sing while doing it. it conveys the truth about their LOVE of music and the energy that I as well as others want to convey during our sets! 

what is love is to have that dj be cool enough to share that tune when you ask them what it is. now he and i both agree on the fact that music should be shared and playing is one way of doing that. we are also both aware that SOME dj’s dont want anyone to know the titles of the tunes that they play or where they got them, based on insecurity (period).

shouts to dj shahid mustaf for being THAT cool and killing his set last night.

now for the tune ..its simply fly but speaks to history, pain and suffering during a period ..that seems to be repeating itself..listen!



  1. Naj'meh Aaliyah · July 25, 2011

    i find out alot about music via youtube, other djs, and by far the most entertaining to watch is boddhi satva videos… he lives it, breathes it, kills it, resurrects it, feels it, fux’s it… ok.. too much.. but i feel good music like that

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