when you believe in your people ..support them! salute jamie 3:26!

no, im not going into a whole dissertation about chicago djs and haters, though i have a rough of a post i started months ago on the topic (lol). my last entry was saluting dj 33 1/3 for carving his way in the bigger business of djing via the radio. this entry is about another big brother who is in forward motion to connect the past, with the present and futurize ( yeah i made it up) soulful house music.

jamie 3:26…. chicago is full of critics (yeah me too) but the bottom line is new music is being consistently made and snubbed by some based on the fact it wasn’t (obviously) the soundtrack during chicago dawning/donning  of  chicago house music. the elements that comprised house music during the period weren’t always necessarily four on the floor or even electronic. current and classics; pop, rnb, funk, disco, and other generes were fuzed into creating these underground, warehouse experiences. so i will be the FIRST to dispute the claim that certain tunes CANT or shouldnt be played in a “house” set or format.

someone is always firing up debates about, old school house heads, new music and the dividing of people based on the subcategories that fall underneath house/dance/electronic music, but the bottom line is it all has a place and is necessary in  properly representing.

jamie gets this and based on what i heard of his set a couple of weeks back has his eyes on his legendary prize! past , present and future house music..legendary.

Jamie 3:26 was born and raised on the south side of Chicago Dancing has always been part of the equation. I also earned the chance to play records with very best, including Terry Hunter, Pharris Thomas, and many more. After that, my residency with The Way We Were ,Chicago’s legendary underground promoters, lasted more than 5 years. 
I played near… A.K.A.’s, The Warehouse 3, The Spot 1 & 2, Club XL, REDNO5, The Prop House, AQUA, Powerhouse, The Concrete Jungle, The Basement(3 yr. Residence), The Note(2 yr. Residence), The Hidden Lounge, The Liquid Kitty, Square One, The Garage, Zentra, Smart Bar.
…and far. Yokohoma, Japan, Djoon(Paris), Sullivan Room(NYC), Club Savoy (Indiana), Negro League Café (Residence), 2i’s (New York), Frank’s Lounge (Brooklyn),Club Elevation(New Jersey), Ray Hands Loft A (Brooklyn), The Zu Club (Ft.Lauderdale), Opium Gardens (Miami), Lounge (Brussels, Belgium).I’m still blessed to play with some of the greatest deejays in the game: Theo Parrish, Roy Davis Jr, Gene Hunt, Farley JMF, Craig Loftis, Diz, Mark Grant, Lego, Andre Hatchett, Tony Powell, Steve Hurley, Chip E, Ron Carroll, Glenn Underground, Boo Williams, Craig Alexander and more.After 20 years, my commitment is the same today: Good Music, Great Atmosphere and Positive Vibes. 
Check me out at my current residencies, I Love House Music Wednesdays @ The Evil Olive in Wicker Park and Just A Night of House@ The Dating Game on Chicago’s South Side. 

Along with mixing and playing diverse music, I love to create new music too. Stay tuned for new Jamie 3:26 productions with my own unique “Get Down” sound.
Bookings: For that funky, good time every time, email me directly at: Jamie3too6@aol.com. 

SALUTE big brother you inspire me! 

take a listen to his latest mix!



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