i’ve seen some of the dumbest sh** on t shirts ..but not these! @enstrumental

stumbling on my daily twitter feed i find SOME things with very little use or substance, though i try to follow a balance of types (my libra swag). one of my jedi buddies @NextByRaphael avatar is looking quite fly. unlike me not to compliment flyness… the universe opened up. 

thought provoking, edgy and in your face. these t shirts can not be bound by a simple LOL. i’m sure you’ve seen them before CHICAGO HATES YOU has to be a classic by now. someone is a strategist and on a mission. one of his immediate goals might be to empty my pockets but if it inspires thought, movement and continues to help reinvent a struggling culture … i’m with that!

cudos to  @Enstrumental  



PEEP the work and cop something!


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