my rant..nightlife……….. #shotsfired

#mondaymusic #rant #ijs i cannot sustain events or venues to do ME without referrals and more than anything physical patronage ie dancing and drinking. i have heard everything from i’m working, no money, to i’m old and tired. i have also heard complaints about the music that has to be played for those that majorly support which ends up being YOUNGER people whose musical taste could lack variety based on lack of exposure. we are losing the game because we aren’t willing to play AT ALL. there are tons of poetry readings, networking events. concerts and outings that are going on, that lack support as well. the same complaints end up circling about the fact that there is NOTHING COOL or different to do! #ijs


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  1. Garnetta of SheFM (@musicgarnett) · October 25, 2011

    Yeah this is prime conversation that i have hear for over 15 years. Then when a night finally picks up the management is over supporting or continuing the event.

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