#thebeautifulpeople my thoughts and why.

ever been out and felt like the venue and ppl were beautiful and the music DIDNT quite fit?

this is not a random thought at all lmao.

of course, i’m not suggesting CERTAIN music for certain venues.

BUT who will raise the bar and set new precedences.

i see people dressed fabulously.

the fashion says EUROPEAN influences but the music at venues hardily ever comes close to complimenting.

yes it could be the spaces i ‘ve been in BUT somewhere along the line TASTE MAKING , FASHION and DJING got out of sync, at least in this country.

i’m all about mixing things that may not register as traditional ..but things are very ONE WAY right now.

all the great, beautiful music is being played in venues that lack luster, on sound systems that suck.

it inspires very minimally at this capacity. imo

artists and creative people can listen to music and visualize what things may look like based on these tunes.

what do you SEE when listening to music, while disconnected from channels and marketing campaigns DRIVEN to create what they think should be associated?

opposed to what you FEEL individually upon listening.

#justathought #thebeautifulpeople


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