tonight CIROC HOSTED BAR @griffinlounge #chicago
FEMALE DJ Fathom + VIDEO DJ Malik Shabazz + CIROC BAR = CULTURE COUTURE 2night at Griffin Lounge


Password is “Video” for Ladies Free Before 11PM and Gentlemen discounted before 10:30PM

The time has come to unite and usher in a new movement in Chicago nightlife focused on the common interest in good music, fashion, an upscale venue and the desire to mix and mingle amongst the city’s mature and motivated professionals who work hard and play harder.

There aren’t many venue’s in Chicago that epitomize the style and quality that young urban professional of all cultures can appreciate. At the forefront of providing a fashion forward ambiance is the 6,250-square-foot Griffin Lounge which blends Old World architectural pieces and contemporary design within the confines of its Griffin bar, Atrium, Crystal Room, and Gallery.

You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression so DRESS TO IMPRESS> No Athletic Wear!!!!

BOTTLE/TABLE SPECIAL—> $200 Kettle One & bottle of Champagne before 11PM

CULTURE COUTURE is a event where STYLE meets SUBSTANCE—>


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