Sean Bryant aka DJ SSB IS a chicago..SLEEPER!

please don’t get me wrong..there are TONS of djs in chicago alone. based on the new trend of technology and djing every city across the world has someone popping up to at least attempt to do it. i meet someone who is or has a cousin who claims to be a dj EVERY DAY. i will never claim to know everyone who is though i know quiet a few! my brand has grown a lot over the last 4 years and i know i have been heard of by some but have been slept on by more. i love the sleepers! yes, i’m a fan of the underdog. some of us are marketing ourselves simply because we are talented and overdue for bigger situations. some very talented djs are simply quiet. Sean Bryant aka DJ SSB is one of the quiet jedis! i think i asked djs to post their podcasts to my page while i was doing some work a month or so ago. everyones mix was dope but his cried BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT AND UPSCALE. new house music that i could see people having cocktails and martinis in tuex’s and ball gowns to. yes i have HIGH hopes for the association newer soul and soulful NEW house music! yes i too used to be shy(er) and hoping to encourage sean because i think people need to know MORE about him as a dj. he is by no means new to the decks and if you listen to this mix you can tell he has a broad depth of musical history that goes beyond four on the floor. we met and i obviously didn’t scare him! (at least i dont think lol) he took the bull by the horns and MATCHED MY WORK as far as promoting the beautiful people affair from start to finish! his set on friday night was on point. people kept chatting me about how much they loved him (as i knew they would!) i know i’m on the right path based on my last 2 experiences by having both him and mushroom ndgrass open this series of events .

we all need encouragement and people to help us reach our next level of doing. thats what this thing called life is supposed to be about!

check out his podcast and friend him on facebook ..please!


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