poetry, art, good music…january doesn’t have to be boring!

another week of things to do if you DARE to take jan weather and roll (out) with it!

It’s Winter and these Dudes write killer poetry and fiction. So, why not join us for an evening?

Adam Jameson!
Roger Reeves!

Open Mic at 7:30p.m.

Features at 8p.m.

Music by FathomDJ!

$5 donation = free drinks!



this week the boundless sound experience is very pleased to welcome

dj torin edmond from the deep house page 

cjeffery daartist is on deck weekly creating pieces art to the sounds we select come watch him express on canvas

mixing up the most refreshing of spirits the double shot twins 

with $5 patron shots and $3 coronas ..bottle service available.

and then theres me .. i just fill in where i’m needed !..(joking)

no cover every week as we continue to create something an energy for you to relax, mingle, drink, be inspired, dance, move and groove to….


now on twitter



all i can say about this is that i will be there playing a lil bit of everything  this friday jan 27th

if you are in the area show up and be open

no cover

coup d’etat iside the shrine

2109 s wabash chi


every week i create the soundtrack for all things urban 

soul, rnb, hip hop and rap current and classic

saturday nights 9p


1023 s state chi


everything all things fathom dj..one place for that



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