Respect to the Creator of Soul Train ..#DONCORNELIUS

yeah i’m sad too. soul train is one of the reasons why i love music soooo much. ¬†american bandstand was hot but, having an opp to see black people presented in such a way was everything. with the backing of black owned businesses…soul train came to be. ¬†the african american commercials that surrounded the show made me feel proud to be ME. going to the record store with my mom coping the music that was played became a ritual based on the energy soul train left us with. it taught some of us dancing, singing and fashion..EVERY WEEK. it was like going out to clubs regardless to age. all from a chicago police officer who obviously loved our music and culture.

what is to be said about him taking his life. personally lots of people feel hopeless, of course i’m not sure this was why he did what he did.

one of my buddies in facebook replied to a statement i made on facebook with “When our elders, those that paved the way, those that experiences hell on earth through racism & lynching & beat downs & rejection, those that struggled for the future, when they lose hope, where does that leave us as a family? As a community? As a nation?” <sigh>

we have to pass along and maintain the history of our culture and music. it gives us individuality, inspiration and reasons to keep on moving!

so i will and I DO!

soul train t'shirt repping ..soul



  1. Rashonda · February 1, 2012

    Suicide has nothing to do with race, lynching, etc… Of our community, it is a human thing. Understand that suicide stems from inner struggle within ones self which often comes in a form of Depression or Schizophrenia…true, we don’t know what dark inner struggle would lead Mr. Cornelius to do such a tragic thing…but he left a legacy that should be celebrated.

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