Why the boundless sound experience !?

why the boundless sound experience!? i get bored and unchallenged like most jedis seeking. i have in the last year created several niche events to balance spinning events that have a very set expectation of genres. an artistic dj (yes we have to distinguish), is always looking to rock something different or off the beaten path. the journey happens regardless but where is the djing taking you? i have soo many tunes that may not “fit” my current residencies and then comes chicago bar. IT’S meant to be an open canvas for all things..in my opinion. a cheers of sorts. the space has so many possibilities! the goal is to simply have people come through and DO THEM as the djs do like wise. laptops, backpacks, journals, sneakers, heels, knitting needles, flirting, networking, twirling, dancing, singing, breathing, living, being… BOUNDLESS!


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