East 55th Street Soul & what you need to know..chicago!

Last week was real impromptu. Yeah i’ve been getting thrown some last minute can you make it work situations. As a jedi should I have been rising to the challenge. The recession is far more challenging and people are having issues justifying parking and partying costs.

Insert East 55th Street Soul

on 55th street and hyde park blvd the big easy is playing host to our latest effort to reach the people. the location is perfect  for those in hyde park, bronzeville, south shore and more. the tag line “music meets people where ever we are” came to mind a couple weeks ago and this would be the goal.

if you don’t know what a speak easy if (click a new tab and google now).

we need to be meeting out listening to goood music, having conversations and pooling resources. this might sound like a duuuh thing but most of us our settling for interaction via internet which is NOT ENOUGH. people are closing themselves away, hiding from the world and problems.

when i play a tune live and see heads nodding and people moving i feel like i’m helping relieve a bit of the stress. someone actually said thanks last week and talked about how much they needed to get out in this fashion.

no its not a club, though folks were ready to push the high boys aside and hit the floor. what i envision it to be is everything we are missing in the club and maybe even lounge at this point. room to hear each other, look each other in the faces, without the posing. some real people ish. most importantly because the owner likes the vibe ROOM TO GROW! having said that…this fridays flyer …

sean alvarez is joining me to spin whatever he likes  ..because he is mr we love soul..

and i have a soulful young drink slinga (among other things she will soon share with us) renee who will be on the pour

and then theres you me we and us…these are a few of the ladies who were there with us last week…

join us this friday and lets make more magic ..its real simple!

a night of well blended goodness

classic and current soul funk house rnb disco jazz and more


no cover

creole and cajun food AND lovely drinks

@ the big easy

1660 e 55th st 9p-2a


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