fb asked me whats on my mind..so here it is..

The wonderful thing that “works” for capitalism is we are all individual as it relates to what we require to work. Because we are not unified in our basic needs there is plenty of room for manipulation. Some will work for pennies based on lack of knowledge and opportunity..it unfortunately makes it diffi for the whole to gain. If we don’t speak to the games that are waged against us we subject each other to the same poor treatment, but when we do the blissfully ignorant will see it as hating. Do your research before walking into these situations you see as come ups. Know your worth as a brand and compare that to other in that same field. Know that every deal and details may not be shared because there MAYBE unfair tactics used to individually manipulate. Be smarter. know how your participation effects future dealings with others. know that YOUR WORK (or lack there of) creates your worth! Grow jedis…GROW!


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