another dj sued on court tv show things to consider..

another dj on a court tv show being sued for not QUITE following wedding play lists though the clients danced and partied as if they were fine with his doings. interesting .. definitely something to be said on both accounts ..trying to satisfy the clients (generation gap) wishes and random requests of their guests is a jedi challenge especially with a variance of ages and ethnicities. at the end of the day the client is always right.  communication is key before, during and after events i think the clients need to into consideration who their guests maybe and allow for a little flexibility.

djs you can never ask too many questions before

be as detailed and thorough about guests ie age and race

take as much music as you can based on the need to be flexible

don’t be afraid to check in about tone changing during the event

better to get permission over losing your fee !

..yes wedding season is upon us ..and i am available for consultations and music styling for your special day!


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