What happens when we aspire to fly?! Social media marketing and imaging…


Image isn’t everything but it helps create a memorable impression. The question then becomes what do you want to be remembered for and how? Lots of these things get thrown out of the window now based on random tweets and updates. They still represent you please do not forget that when going off on tangents and posting risqué fotos. What do you want for your brand ie yourself? Who is your target market or audience ? how will they feel about what you do or say? Yes we would like to not care what people think, but when you are interested In creating products and services to appeal to people for some form of support… You must be concerned about the foot print aka impression you leave them with in this electronic window. Delete does not mean deleted. On that note for development and maintenance of what is required for your digital impression aka social media platforms feel free to connect with Abston consulting at abstonconsulting@gmail.com @abstonconsulting for assistance in building your web presence.


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