Simply liking makes the robots lazier #fb

I’m spending more time watching than interacting in Fb. This is not a new thing just a way to better understand how ppl are interacting. The communication at this point is dead it’s simply boiled all the way down to “LIKE” as if that’s all that matters. Critical thinking, question asking, and understanding the actual meaning behind posting, as I see it has been replaced with one gesture. Some will call it simplifying. I call it lazing (yeah it’s not a word), but describes our submitting to allowing our depth of thought (for those of us who have it) to go muted.

Yes and I do it too. partially because of the fact that Fb is so up in our rear ends , which I know most of you think you “like”. Lbs

One who offers products, servicing, events and more, may seek a little more detailing into why you “like” something. It would help if you shared a little more in the comments section, as well as shared what you “like” with your friends and other social networks. That is IF you really “like” it.
Hmmm my thought today …



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