Fans vs old but necessary repost

love vs money

love vs money

What’s the bigger picture for you regardless to what you do? Yes there is a love for what you do that makes you feel like you could do it for free but there are also obligations to pay your bills. Should you continue “to be ok” with the loyal though small amount of supporters you have, or start to sculpt your machine to not “saturate” your art in commercialism, but appeal even slightly to a larger group. There seems to be so many critics who love your work one minute and the next ban you as being a sell out or having falling off , simply for trying to figure out how to maintain a living doing what drew them into you in the first place.

Entertainment is a very interesting business for one wanting to have a base of supporters/fans, which equals getting people to like you, experiencing life and its challenges while maintaining that following. Wow!

People will remember the first time they stumbled on your work. They will see you gaining exposure and notoriety for doing what you do. As soon as you’ve reached the heights that they helped you get to, by spreading the word about you,they may stop liking you because you went “mainstream”. Wow.

So do we really have to ask why Whitney Houston ended up on drugs, why Michael Jackson “looked crazy” and ended up the way he did, why Lauryn Hill seems uninterested in doing it again and so many others who continue to “try” to maintain some since of sanity while appealing to an audience which is made up of 85% of people who don’t really know what they like..ever?!

Wow..And why do we the artists continue to deal..we must love it..truly!

no pics or videos for this one just thoughts..fdj


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