Business vs Personal .. Method to Madness

The industry is full of “interesting things”. The mystery of an artist of such high regards as prince has probably drawn more people to him than away from him. We have come to several conclusions (that may or may not be true) about both he and michael Jackson without knowing for certain every single detail of their lives. This is in essence why certain people are trusted and leaned upon to handle certain affairs for world reknown artists as well as those no bigger than their block. Major sacrifices can be made of ones personal life in order to gain public acclaim and business. Business can also be ended based on having too much detail. As I’ve learned something as simple as knowing that an artist you “love” is not a vegetarian as you are can change your love and support of them. Yes it’s sounds petty, but it has been proven to change the popularity of public personas. Oddly enough to maintain some sense of comfort these people go through extremes in order to secure environments and relationships that provide them with comfort and safety. Of course things have changed drastically due to technology. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even “Reality television” has fed the publics desire to “know” more of what happens behind the scenes. In my opinion It often spoils what makes these artists who they “are”. I do see the balance in the necessity for both. Professionalism (though subjective at this point) is of the utmost importance.What tends to happen to those who don’t understand the bigger picture can etch and tarnish the publics perspective. This is why things have to be reviewed and discussed before making way into the hands of the public. Why management, public relations and even security are sought and carefully combed through before hiring. Your “team” has to understand this from no dollars to Billion dollar budgets. What does this mean for me as a DJ , Artist and ever aspiring entrepreneur you might ask? It explains why I’m fond of sunglasses LMFAO!


I am becoming more strategic (sparing) about what I share personally and through my social media channels.

It also explains why I am starting to seek to help artists, brands and business with consulting, with image, management and even social media. The bigger picture is becoming more clear and my experiences both private and professional draw me even more near to it.:)

Trust and professionalism are of the utmost importance both personally and professionally.

My wings are expanding please feel free to contact me and learn more about another venture I’m partaking in called Abston Consulting http// Email me for more info @



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