asked by many.. My answer is to the chosen few event.

The chosen few are a conglomerate of well respected djs/producers who have taken their machine to heights unimagined by hundreds maybe even thousands of Chicago bred djs. Respectfully my post on facebook on saturday was based on pure emotion and disappointment. Not one of the many hard working female djs from our city is on the line up to spin that day. I’m still floored. Mind you I’ve never suggested it be me lmao.I know more than a few who deserve that acknowledgement. Yes they have had lady djs who I have played with and have been associated with personally, but not one this year. Hugely unfortunate.

I have expectations of Chicago as a music scene in general. If you follow any of my social media channels  you may have read my thoughts on these matters. I love house music though not exclusively. I do not consider myself nor do I like the term house head. I thought at one point that house music in Chicago held a sense of freedom for all. Commercialism, ego and greed wreck havoc on everything in this city. Nothing is safe or sacred, not even house music.

i’ve gotten more hatred from the house community than any other for the last ten year, as i am used to being that voice..i can’t go without speaking for what is fair and right.

My page is public and you can read the interactions I have had with a few of the members of the chosen few.

I ended that post with this statement..

“I appreciate the comments and responses. There are quite a few women who are working hard on branding themselves and wanting to be acknowledged by such a noteworthy machine on that particular day. My expression of disappointment is where this post originated. I always appreciate the intelligent dialogue and debate.I am aware of the concept of hatred that this could be mistaken for and it is not about that. Im not rallying troops which is why no one was initially mentioned or tagged. I am simply stating my concern for DJ representation equal to the audience. There are tons of women behind the scenes working to help put the event together, and even more who rally their family and friends to add substantial numbers to the attendance. at least ONE female dj in my personal opinion should represent on that stage. But again it’s simply my opinion. I may not always recognize those women who work tirelessly to be seen ,heard and respected as DJs, producers and performers. Though I hope to remain an example of inspiration to those who came before and will come after. It could simply be chopped up as a missed opportunity. We have tons of those here as well. I send you nothing but positive energy for your event and stand firmly in the position I originally stated. Thanks for the invite.. Though.”

I pride myself in attempting to be fair and equal. There is always room for improvement. It can be difficult to please everyone and yes tons of people get paid to try. The goal at this point for me is to have female djs be hired continually not JUST for female inspired or promoted events. People speak to supporting but I’m not certain that occasional usage of a female dj is based on expectation or obligation. What we need is consistent associations and promotions. Because djing unfortunately is a male dominated field there are few other alternatives to get the proper attention.

Of course there’s a possibility of created an event similar to the chosen few for female djs only. On one hand this isn’t the worst thing to do.Some male probably decided to create the wnba which we are thankful for. I would find it far more interesting if males and females were on the same team..
One big crowd comprised of both males and females rocking together and representing chicago and house music properly. Not this year.



  1. Rob Wimberly · July 9, 2013

    Love this…Don’t worry about naysayers Danni, they will ALWAYS believe what they want. I respect this and will share it. Who knows….? ~ Rob W.

  2. DJ Queen-B · July 13, 2013

    I really enjoyed reading this! Very well said.

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