Music, my life and more! #fathomdj2014

I have always felt as though djing / music is means for communicating / teaching (past, present and future history). At this point I don’t find much new music that speaks to our current political, social and economic issues. This in part is why I post the things that I do. My “research” says a few things. 1. I’m not digging deep enough. 2. That I am to create what I don’t see and hear. 3. The majority of you (robots) won’t and don’t “like” anything unpopular, which could possibly be better for you. (Freedom, individual thought, change, health, creativity, difference, Vegetables, jazz, soul, art, & love etc.) 4.I will continue in my processes to enlighten (as I can) those (#jedis) seeking to expand to higher frequencies of living, learning and loving. It’s where I started. Though I get frustrated, I will continue. #fathomdjfor2014



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