Chicago haters (house music).. Not to be confused with passion.

There are some spiteful people (here as everywhere) who have very little ambition of their own. I spoke with a comrade just yesterday about those who have no vision for themselves and the direct effect it has on the reception of the vision for others. This (yes) would be considered hate. Hate of oneself which only creates hate for others.

Having firmly vested concerns about issues, has been confused with hatred. If you have the time to think before categorizing one as a hater, consider the passion that is easily mistaken.
This requires thought over a knee jerk reaction.

I have heard some of the most evil things coming from the house community of Chicago, that qualifies it as being so close to rap (not hip hop), we need to have a source awards for electronic music in this city. Lbs My disdain for the current state of music in general made me think twice about my love for it and how to move forward. Regardless to what a client requires for an event my personal taste and selection always includes house / dance / electronic music. Some have muddied the genre so Frankie and the other founding fathers have to be disappointed!

Chicago has a few unfortunate and untrue associations. House music was invented here and that association needs to be held as highly as blues and stepping in terms of its historical value. The hatred that has been perpetuated is an unfortunate truism. Being opinionated (I stand proudly as), requires a level of responsibility. Research and thought have to go into the concept of expressing ones self in any manner. We lazily clump the issue of fairness and equality in the hater category instead of properly dissecting and addressing it.

Chicago is not without problems, and this should be quite obvious (at this point). The complaint identifies the issue. The work should then becomes to focus on ways to effectively counter the problems with productive solutions. This may require you to get off Facebook and other SM. Lmao try it!

We will become more effective producing products that create, even for a few, options to seek higher levels of being and doing. It’s where my happiness lives… Creation.;)

Fathom dj for the future #jedi #jedis

Stay tuned!



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