Fb (social media addiction) Why were / are you here / there?

I was just sitting reading about social media, as it pertains to blogs. I was also chatting a Jedi (singer/songwriter) about making her event flyers public so ppl (not just friends) can see them. I was reminded of why I started opening up to social media in the first place.. exposure, business and inspiration. Of course Myspace really started it for me, led me to YouTube, which led me to Facebook.(and a slew of other sites go here) Facebook’s popularity IMO is still at an all time high.(they keep tweaking the crack formula)

I’ve become underwhelmed with people’s everyday postings.(sorry it’s me not you ;)) I do have tons of other things I need and want to do. It also doesn’t make matters any better , having everything on this one conveniently small device.(smart ass fon) Any excuse right? I’ll own them all.

There used to be a place called twitter for your random outbursts and complaining, remember?! Yes we all have different reasons for initially being on SM, which brought me back to mine.

Algorithms and likings, as well as the device and or particular apps may determine what and who is seen.(or at least thats what they want us to think #merp) It really is proof that what you see effects what you think and ultimately do.(programming) My “friends” have started obsessively posting selfies, doing challenges or things that have me questioning them and of course myself. As informative as some of the information I have acquired on Fb is, I have seen so much personal information on some, I’m starting not to “like” these folks at all. This is probably part of the reason why they won’t create a dislike button. People who end up continually disliked won’t post and show, whatever they are doing.(they want to see all #think)

My posts are becoming lessened as I focus on kicking some of my voyeuristic (Fb) habits in effort to get back to real life (private and business), like creating more of my work.

Yes, you too may want to reevaluate why you can’t stop looking and thinking of things to do and say on social media. We are addicted (lbs). I know it’s not a new memo, but one that needs to be once again addressed.

I’m challenging myself to ask every time I log in, “what are you here for today/now?” Hmm maybe that’s something that needs to be practiced in life in general.

One of my first reason…



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