“#musicmonday “Gotta give it up” … Literally! pay the Gaye Family!

Upon hearing #blurredlines, I immediately assumed that Pharrell and Robin Thicke were interested in acknowledging and paying homage (in some way) to one of Americas greatest soul legacies, Marvin Gaye. I also thought based on the tempo, it would be a good Segway from one genre to another in terms of djing. Out of the few that still stand as creative during this period, I have certainly been consistently fond of Pharrell. Robin Thicke, I have dug since his break way song “get you alone” (google it). Blue eyed soul done tastefully and from a place of talent is undeniable. Robin is talented period. It pained me when I came to the realization that they both were uninterested in properly compensating the Gaye family from the start. Sampling a song from origin, that has been a classic party starter for over 3 decades, mixed with such contemporary celebrity status’ is a sure fire way to guarantee a hit. Pharrell needs to be acknowledged for his genius. This legal issue is truly a testimony to not only the laziness of this period, but the feverish theme of capitalism that seems to be the driving force of the “now” in music business.
I understand the legalities of sampling and publishing. I have always admired the idea and artistry of carefully chopping up a classic tune, reinventing it into a current and possibly more interesting piece of work. Sampling, in my opinion, is a clear representation of art imitating life and it’s recycling; more art. To say the least, this using was dirty. Though they say that there is no sample. It sounds like it’s there and someone played some hokey polka chords on top to embellish. They may have pulled the original out from underneath but I doubt it. One has to wonder if there was any research or inquiry done by the label, to see how much It would be to clear the rights to Marvin’s got to give it up. I’m almost certain at the end of the day it probably would have been cheaper than all the legal fees in addition to the bottom line amount that the angry family now has. Now they will “stick you for all them papers”, and rightfully so. Just think Ushers “she came to give it to you” http://youtu.be/HiRSkLzoMaM also produced by Pharrell has the same elements and drive but IMO is hotter and less expensive. Then there’s the white face and the crossover pop appeal that made this tune an instant success and fail. Sneaky greedy asses now .. pay the family! And hope marvin doesn’t go rattling chains around for the rest of your existence. Sometimes justice does prevail. Lbs #merp


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