11/11 .. #Creativity and #focus #refuel in the electronic divide

There are adversities. These would be a part of life. What is becoming a common theme though, mediocrity. This is being forced and accepted. There’s is an energy that is being perpetuated. It could be the recession, might be the change of seasons, or something far deeper. I’d like to blame everything on social media lbs. The bottom line is somewhere there are tons of creative people who are struggling, to create (breathe). I refuse to believe that a creative person loses the gift to create. But I will say that there are obstacles that block ones flow. Social media has created obstacles disguised as online communities (false sense). I won’t say that every one is distracted by social media, but far more people are caught in the action of watching and not doing. I’m realizing that extra effort to encourage movement is required for some of us. I’m almost dared to say people need to be retaught HOW to support these missions, again. “Liking” a post is not enough, though some think that’s all that is required (at this point). Reaching out beyond what is being fed is necessary. We need more meet ups and one on ones, poolings. Direct, physical connections to push each other to realign with the things that drive us. Real life, live human expression and interaction. #tapthebowl



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