#originality #music #culture #art #mythoughts

I’m chatting with my young jedi brother in Nigeria this morning about music. I’m being reminded of the event I did last week and my research on Google for current “international music”. This search pretty much lead me in one direction, back to top 40’s American music. The crazy thing about it , MOST of the songs on this list don’t even represent 50% of what makes up the variance of ethnicities in this country, at this point. Where does the desire to be creative and individual in the process come from? How are these ideas being supported, if everyone is being fed the same Mc Donald’s of sound. What is now popular and successful started as the opposite. No, it is not to say reinvent the wheel entirely. But imagine how incredibly impactful the invention of the WHEEL was?! And where would we be if no one broke away from the group to invent it. I’ll leave it here.


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