#musicmonday eve .. 5 years later the mission continues #findingfathom #findingfathomdj


I have been very blessed to maintain at least one weekly residency in Chicago for some years now. Tantrum has been 5 years strong and still kicking. I have pretty much free reign to play whatever, keeping the crowd in mind of course. When I look out in the crowd and can physically see people appreciate the chords that I reference musically, it allows me to gauge the direction. With many  eclectic and over 30s people having responsibilities and other things happening, we seem to be losing the audience interested in depth and history of music . My goal as always is to mesh my love of music while acknowledging current and popular sounds. This means I’m proud to be capable of playing diverse sets. Again the crowd CAN have a major factor in WHAT gets played. I am challenged to make sure to keep my set entertaining REGARDLESS to who doesn’t show up, but it makes things successful when their are people in the room that “get it”.

Les McCarroll is one who gets it! He has been one of my go to guys since tantrum opened its door. Les continues to support the many moods that my dj set has to go through playing on a Saturday night, to a majority of current urban radio (only) listeners. I appreciate having this type of communication and support from him mostly weekly.


As before, there is room during the early part of the evening for me to reference and build an experience that isn’t restricted to current top 40’s. In order for this to make sense, maintaining support is required. There is still no cover and Tantrum still independently owned and operated. Feel free to join me (and les occasionally) on the mission to expand the universal language of music @ Tantrum in Chicago’s south loop.



#goodmusic and the fight to create quality representations of culture requires organization, support and activism. It has to be #egoless. our #legacies are at stake. #sundaystruth #mythoughts #thismoment


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  1. klhunt62 · November 24, 2014

    The world is tiny! I met Les many years ago when I was consulting. I knew he was a good guy then. This confirms it. I love it when two people I admire connect and support each other. Keep doing you thing, Fathom.

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