Interplanetary Radio takes off .. again. #808nostalgiamix #goodmusic #boundlesssounds #fathomdj


After a long but necessary pause, I’m back at one of my many missions. Expanding the universal language of music. I’m returning to presenting a radio type format mix show/podcast i call interplanetary radio. interplanetary radio was conceived from a mix cd (yes hardcopy) I was doing to showcase 3 different styles of mixes that i pulled together to promote my work. Somehow through the magic of connectivity (internet), I was asked to do a show for elliott williams of projectvibe, Some of you may recall me promoting tues @ 10am for his website. I need to create new content soo …come and take trip as we explore past, present and future boundless sounds that strike my fancy and hopefully yours. Expanding the universal language of music via Interplanetary Radio on mix cloud. i may be loading the older ipr mixes from projectvibe to mix cloud so please feel free to follow me there. you can also check out other mixes here stay tuned!

ipr cloudcast promo


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