D’angelo .. Welcome Home! #musicmonday

Well here we are 14 years later. With tons of things reminding us of our not so distant past, D’Angelo pops up. I downloaded it from itunes in the wee hours this morning. I wasn’t sure what one can expect after a 14 year hiatus. I assume D’Angelo’s intent was to play it safe and pick up where he left off. Thank god some of us know where soul music lives. Funky southern, bluesy, jazzy lyrics and musicality remain his staples. No I can’t dissect what the hell he’s saying completely either (mind you I used to be really good at that lmao). I got the link to the lyrics and may eventually peek to decode lyrics link. All I know is it FEELS good. No it’s not fresh or dramatically different. Regardless to whether or not you have experienced his past work, you should feel very much at HOME with Black Messiah. Home like coming in from a cold snowy workday, and or being famished and feasting on collard greens and catfish. With an ongoing stream of soulless hip hop/ pop / dance anthems coming from all angles of popular music, many of us may be starving out in the cold musically. I do have a few tracks I’m growing fond of already. I’d rather you PURCHASE the WHOLE Black Messiah Project  (instead of stealing it) and live with it, yourself. Play it as many times as you hear that ONE song the radio has an obvious intention on MAKING you like. You might find yourself coming home hungry and cold seeking more real good music. I think all of all of the generations would welcome you, as we have D’Angelos prior releases.  My hope is that we all become inspired to blast past and present and future good music and become a part of a necessary movement to revive that FEELING and POPULARITY of SOULFUL MUSIC.




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