#talktuesday .. Promoter turned DJ “don’t touch that” lmao

I’ve always perceived promoters to be supreme socialites. Just a month or so ago, I spun with an excellent promoter.. newly turned dj. I was reminded of this based on how efficient I think he is at engaging guests. He smiled at everyone, gave hugs and pounds. He also text messaged people to make sure they were coming through. People came to greet him and bought him drinks. He, in my opinion, is one of the best shit talkers I know and boy Chicago knows shit talking! A perfect company keeper. His conversations are broad from politics, to music, as well as art. He drinks like a fish. It makes him the perfect initiator of spending in a bar. I don’t think that I need to mention that he’s popular. He has no problem at all getting people to come to his events. These are some things Djs MAY very well possess. He has focused on making it a skill whether intentionally or not. He could teach this “art of socializing”. What he is not great at is spinning records aka djing.

Oh I’m sure this won’t be the first or last time I’m called a hater, without an understanding of my point. He knows music and music history. I would even consider him a crate digger. What he doesn’t understand is the art of djing. Yes it is an art. People spend years and years working on this craft. We spend years and years collecting music, to rock parties, set moods, create a room, and to tell stories with music. Yes it is being taken lightly based on technology.

This is about effectively playing positions. It should be considered an egoless mission. We all have the right to test other angles out. Our strong points will always shine brightest, though. Yes I am efficient at conceptualizing events. I am efficient at creating images and marketing. I studied art in HS and Interactive Multimedia in college. I am also decent and surely becoming efficient at social media management. I have a plethora of djs, musicians, artists and creative people in general, at my finger tips. So yes I am capable and have indeed played the role of a promoter. Once you step into any of said spaces, you become an independent contractor. The recession has made many jobs interchangeable, and though this is necessary, it doesn’t always say efficient and most importantly.. effective.

He is, as I am, very effective in our initial positioning. We both have the possibility of excelling at other positions in the game. The thing that I have become even more aware of, that certainly he has not, is team playing. You can play forward and center, if you are a guard (I’ve done that too lbs). You will best serve the team doing what you’re strongest at. You will best serve the team, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your mates, and working with them accordingly. The question is do you care enough about the other players to make them look good or bad? Do you care enough about the other players enough not to have them become unemployed, based on your self mission? This is rapidly theming itself around capitalism. I’m certain that’s the intent. I assumed the independent contractors were a little more connected, since we are far from being corporations. I don’t know if I need to say much more. I’ll leave it right here with this image. Lbs shout to jay illa for the Instagram Inspiration! #salute



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