#musicmonday Ujamaa, Chicago .. the music scene..

This would be my favorite of the Kwanzaa days, as I realize financial power ultimately changes all situations. It is not the sole game changer, but at the end of the day, having options to navigate makes possibilities boundless. This takes strategic planning, unlearning a taught way and researching in order to relearn how to support. I always stay in a space of understanding the power numbers of people have collectively, especially when used financially. I know country wide we struggle profusely with both. Chicago is a major city, and plays a major factor in why these elements never line up to work.

“Free will” gives you “options”. What I witnessed last night while meeting with an associate overwhelmed me and reminds me of how eager we are to do, but not collectively. Two brands that are parts of our always challenged (soulful) music scenes, are within weeks apart bringing the same artist, to the same area, in Chicago. I almost wished I hand gotten MORE “punch drunk” (love the punch house btw) so I could have not discovered this. Lbvs Some things happen by coincidence yes. Yes you as an artist, promoter, or dj, can take as many bookings as you please. Should you though book the same type of event, with the same artist, within a month, in the same damn area of town?
Oh I’ll be the hater once again.. NO!
Research and strategy have to be a part of your planning. No different than an electoral race, when you do this, you split the vote. You split the highest potential outcome of the two. In my opinion knowing and intentionally creating events with these factors in mind, is “gang bangish”. Collaborations in this case could make ONE event very successful. Or could create two events that are mindful of the each other, in planning and more effective for the whole scene, brands and all involved. You would have to think collectively in order to create this outcome. I’ve done events on the same day as others , without knowledge of those events. It happens. If I had a better knowledge of those events I would’ve altered mine to prevent clashing. Some things can be always be changed to work cohesively. You have to care though.
Caring about the market that you are trying to reach is work. Considering how fragile and frugal our scene is, there doesn’t need to be intentional disharmony. Ultimately I cannot imagine that either of the said brands and venues will gain the financial outcome they ultimately desire. In my opinion this is one prime example why Chicago (for one) stays in these “messy” divided predicaments. It’s all very in line with the planning to fail theme we seem to continue to perpetuate. Our struggle could be a lot easier if we worked with the whole in mind.



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