a few of my favorite artists.. in a new mix with dual imaging.. 3 birds in 1 #blogging

A few of my favorite long standing artists, will always pop up somewhere in association with my work. The winter retreat excursion http://www.mixcloud.com/fathomdj/iprwinterretreat/ for interplanetary radio contains a few of my all time favorites. I’m sure you have heard me or seen me (in social media) mention 3 of the 4 here. Monique Bingham is a champion voice for soulful dance music, though I prefer not to bind her. Her soulful, bluesy, jazzy (they really are all the same genre ;)) delivery and song writing, has been staple in my crates for years now. I know I’m not the only one who CANNOT wait until her full project to drop. Regardless to how long it takes, we will wait MO! Omar is one of the dopest uk soul singers, songwriters, and musicians of our time, in my opinion. His catalog is long and deep. If you haven’t heard his work, I encourage you to dig in. His current line of dance mixes and remixes, including glenn undergrounds (Chicago based) “ding ding” continues to add necessary soul to current dance music. I am being reminded of one of the founders of Chicago’s house music, for my period of entry is Lil Louis. No he isn’t THE FIRST, but one of the notables, having gone forth to secure a major record deal in the name of chicago’s music. Still touring in addition to writing and film making, I’d like to publicly state he is the one that “made me want to make people feel like he made me feel on the dance floor/dj”. This is why i intend on acknowledging him in some way through my work. Lil Louis is to me what Frankie Knuckles is to others. Jon Pierce lastly, I have to remember how long and i have been in association.(lol) It would require “dating” both of us. Let’s just say he’s scholarly (lol) in Chicago’s soul and house music scene. He “sangs” and is consistenly collabing with some of Americas notary soulful house music dj/producers. I’m very proud of this kid, championing for chicago’s soulful music scene.


I am very encouraged by the response I’m getting from this mix and plan on continuing this effort, as it is necessary to document my history and love (specifically) of particular styles of music. It is also necessary to continue supporting those interested in furthering what i will call challenged music genres. 😉


maybe you noticed there are 2 images floating around for the same mix. why? i really need to have 12 based on the current markets of people. the strategies have to vary in order to attract peoples attention in social media. different markets require different angles. this is a challenge. #thework

i have secured a few clients and the goal is to help the creative in their effort to brand and market themselves, as i continue to do so for mine. abstonconsultingllc.com stay tuned.


i’ll end it here.


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