Reminded of why Chicago doesn’t win musically (house and dance music)

Hmm I did an interview recently..
Lbs. One of the most important questions , that I was asked about the “sub genre” that I have vested interests in, was edited out of the interview. As explained to me, the reason why that particular part of the interview was edited out, was based on sound quality. Lmao No it was based on my answers….

“What is soulful house music?” My answer “Ron Trent, Anthony Nicholson, Vick Lavender and Glenn Underground would be a few of the current sound crafters of soulful house music, in Chicago at least. Lil Louis would be considered a god father.” I specifically sited that they are more than djs. “They produce music and Glenn Underground is a talented musician.” Who knew this would be deleted? I would naturally reference these people, who I see as big brothers based on my personal experiences with some of them and having referenced their music through out my work. Then I sat and thought about sponsors for this particular “show”. I’ll just say politics.


Below Is a link to a mix i did a few years back references said artists work.

The contributors for Chicago’s house
and dance music scene far out number its current face. This isn’t to discredit those who are popular, for whatever reasons. It is to site that there are people who move under the hub of the genre Chicago house music, who are most certainly deserving and noteworthy. They just don’t fit the boxed age of 50 plusers, that are eager to regain their “light”. The 50 plusers have no desire of sharing the shine. (Holding my tongue)

I’m sure everything about me gaining this opportunity to be interviewed, was the universes way of reminding me of, where we are and aren’t.
I find it real, yet unfortunate that we mimic, this cities political way of doing in our “underground”.

Our city particularly as it pertains to dance and house music, needs to be more concerned about having Chicago gain historical notoriety for its musical contributions national and internationally. We (sarcastically) seem to be more concerned with donning one group or person as the face, with out being concerned with current and future legacy. Sounds like business as usual. Smdh

I can’t quote him directly, but I remember watching a video where Frankie Knuckles says something to the affect of “being behind the music and not in front of it”. It’s currently the opposite and social media only further fuels the ego that makes the issue an elephant in the room.

I’m wondering what he thinks now..

Once again.. I’ll rock the hater cap.


  1. Fred Riley · January 14, 2015

    As the past club owner of the Reactor dance club I would have a lot to say about the culture and history of house music especially about the racist politics of Chicago.

    • fathom dj / music stylist · January 14, 2015

      I’m sure you would fred.. feel free to share your understanding. i never got to visit your venue but would love to hear about your experiences.

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