Add a chick to your mix.. N’dea Davenport


I had a conversation yesterday about people not seizing the opportunity to add a “chick to the mix”. I’m seeing less and less female dj’s on flyers. Yeah it could be my city, and or specific genres. Again I know tons of ladies who carry the gift of being dope mcs, singers, dancers, djs, and all around artists. Trends come and go, but the population will always be male and female (at least). You miss the possibility of engaging a few markets and tapping into a different energy when you don’t have female presence represented in your endeavors.

I will always be team N’dea. I was involved in a podcast series for ebony/jet (short lived) called the turntable and got the opp to meet and interview her and the heavies. When she steps to the mic, she gives the music a different life. Reminds me of Caron Wheeler and her being a “feature” for Soul II Soul. They were a dope musical conglomerate, but Caron made “Back to life” the hit it was. (Imo) Every time I see a new Brand New Heavies project without N’dea Davenport, I just smdh. They have made instrumental songs and even full projects that are decent. The drummer even sharpened his vocal game, but N’dea is their glue! Sieedah Garrett gave it a different twist, and now they’ve got some new chick (I guess we should be glad they have one at all #merp). N’dea creates such a desired presence, if you heard her work with them first, I can’t imagine you not looking for her in the current projects.

It doesn’t mean she’s a part of Tortured Soul now (of course), but she helps them reinvent what most consider a classic for TS.. “I Might Do Something Wrong”. They are smart..

Watch her beast out live with TS here..

Then go here and grab the single or the entire pack ..



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