Thoughts after awakening in the wee

Things are happening very quickly. This is both good and maybe not so. It may very well require a talk with your god. That is, if you have one and do that type of thing. I was reminded just Sunday by a very wise woman, that we have to get uncomfortable. It’s not as if I haven’t said this before. This uncomfortable may happen by the force of nature or your own, which could be one in the same. As many times as it needs to be repeated in order to get it done, we have to get it done. We can bang our heads against walls, with the assumption that things will change (crazy). Until we realize that this fashioning only hurts, growth won’t happen. Our words and even actions may fall on def ears, until they see. If seeing is the only way to believing, we are not in tune with what faith really is. It is a feeling. A deeper knowing. An understanding beyond sight. Social media and technology, being the sciences that they are, aren’t in favor of this method of belief. Projecting instead of leaving one to their own imagination. We build our outsides in this effort and abandon the core. The core is really where the (unseen) work is.
If you get a chance to take a look at your current state of being and the people who have come and gone from your life, you can better understand the truth. It is only you, your higher self, and god in this effort.



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